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12 Port Duplex Fiber Optic Panel For terminal and distribution of local optical fiber communication system is the backbone cable, can conveniently realize the connection, allocation and scheduling of optical fiber line. With the increasing degree of network integration, a hybrid optical distribution frame with ODF, DDF and power distribution units has been developed. It is suitable for small and medium-sized wiring systems from fiber to cell, fiber to building, remote module and wireless base station.
Folding drawer
Drawer-type fiber distribution frame is also a rack is divided into multiple units, each unit consists of one or two drawers. When welding and adjusting the line, draw out the corresponding drawer to operate outside the rack, so that there is more space for operation so that the units do not affect each other. Drawer drawer and push-out state are equipped with locking device to ensure the operation of the use of stable, accurate and unit connected devices safe and reliable. Although this fiber optic patch panel cleverly provides more space for optical cable terminal operation, it still can not provide the maximum convenience in the storage and deployment of optical connecting cables, just as the unit type. This rack is currently the most form.
Folding modular
Modular structure is the fiber distribution frame is divided into a variety of functional modules, fiber optic cable welding, distribution lines, cable storage and other functional operations, respectively, completed in the various modules, these modules can be combined according to need to install a common rack Inside. This structure can provide the greatest flexibility to better meet the needs of the communications network. Introduced a modular high-capacity fiber distribution frame, the use of panels and drawers and other unique structure, so that the optical fiber splicing and deployment of more convenient operation of the line; In addition, the use of vertical trunking and the intermediate patch panel, effectively solve the pigtail fabric Put and store problems. So it is the most popular type of high-capacity fiber distribution frame, but its cost is relatively highChina Fiber Optic Patch Panel factory

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